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Building Permits and Town Planning.

Building permits and town planning -whats the difference?

 l have decided to inform my customers on the difference between building permits and town planning.

They will have a better idea when chatting to me in regards to these issues.

The main difference being legislation.

One department handles all the construction codes and information to cover the building codes of Australia (Building permits).

The other department handles issues in regards to the correct layouts of the town.

Amendments need to be taken into consideration to the setbacks and sittings of dwellings.

The information is then passed to the town planners.They can inform the public and the relevant authorities in regards to the changes being sort.

An application will then be used from the relevant town planning department..The project you are building is constructed in this area.

We can only determine if town planning will be required, once we have submitted all plans and information to the building surveyor.

Once we have been informed that town planning will be required , we then need to fill in the relevant application forms and submit all the information to the town planners.

Once they have received this information, then only can they make a decision based on the surrounding structures,and people in the community.

Plus all the relevant authorities need to be informed also.

This information process can take up to 3- 6 months to achieve an outcome.

Once a decision is made,then that will be passed onto the building surveyor for the issuing of a building permit.

If no decision is made , it may have to go to a VCAT ( )hearing to be decided on.

I hope this information will help you in regards to this matter.

Please leave a comment below , and inform me if you have any further questions.

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