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Chrismas Rush.

deckons web page backgroundIts the silly season and the shops are packed,l havent even had time to go Xmas shopping…lol.Have been working in Brigton.What a lovely place it is down there,so many people driving big cars with big houses,and big morgages.They say xmas is all about giving so here is a little tip from deckon builders to help you get through your xmas rush.

Step 1. shop online for the time saving solutions ( as finding a car space is impossible at the shops.

Step 2. Get a plastic tree as a real one is hard to clean, Deckon Can build you that!

Step 4 Xmas lights can be a pain,so wrap your lights on a Piece of decking board for ease of use.

Step 5 Paper is timber,timber comes from trees,so use them at your xmas BBQ and they can be recycled.

Step 6 When cooking on your new decking from deckon,take the BBQ closer to the table for ease of serving.

Step 7 Perpare your dining on the new decking early in the morning so you will have more time for your guests.

Merry Xmas

From Deckon Builders.



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