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Lazy days by the pool. Great for a BBQ with the family.

Pool decks for the summer.

If you are looking for Deck Builders in Beckonsfield ,then this is the site for you.

This was just completed in Beckonsfield just near where my Mum has moved too. 

The decking is a timber Merbu deck 140 mm wide nailed down with 55mm galvanized ring shank nails.

We had to match the existing decking to the underside of the outdoor lined verandah.( Elfresco area) This was completed by others long ago, so we did our best to match it.

This is a lovely home with a stunning view overlooking Beconsfield. The horizon pool is perfect also.

The old decking  was built on a large amount of fill, and over time had settled.

The timber has been supplied by Mountain Timbers and is premium quality to say the least .

The decking had sunk in several places therefore we were contacted to rebuild it.

The glass pool fencing was looking very sad to say the least.

Its all been repaired now and looks fantastic ,and the owners are very happy with the product.

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