Best verandah builders in Mulgrave.

Verandah built in Mulgrave.

Verandahs  Mulgrave


Verandahs Mulgrave:

We Just completed this small project in conjunction with TDN.

There still is a decking to go underneath which will be constructed by Kevin from TDN.

These blokes are a great team to work with and will ensure you get every thing you ask for.

The owners are happy  , so keep up the great work Lads.

The timber supplied by Mountain Timbers is premium quality to say the least .

Also very heavy at they upgraded the beam sizes to 240 x 45mm treated pine.

All Timbers are screwed down with 150 mm Battern bugle screws 12 gauge for maximum strength from uplift.

If you would like a quote for this product , please head to our “Request a quote” page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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