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CHOOSING TIMBER:  Decking Timber needs to rate highly on exterior durability, bridging strength and hardness. Decking can be purchased in several different profiles and sizes.
DURABILITY: Class 1 timbers are very durable: expected life heartwood above ground 50 years. Class 2 timbers are durable: expected life of heartwood above ground 30 years. Class 3 and 4 timbers have less durability and are not recommended for decking. Treated pine is very durable. Decking is classified as a grade 3 hazard, and correctly treated pine for this application will be treated to H3 according to the Australian Standard AS1604; expected life above ground 15-25 years. Life expectancy is dependent on the level of moisture content of less than 20% will last longer than indicated, whilst ‘wet’ decks with a typical moisture content of greater than 20% will have shortened service lives. The main enemy of timber decks is fungi (decay). Fungi will only attack and consume timber with a moisture content that is consistently high. Call Now for a free quote 0397203328

BRIDGING STRENGTH: Timbers vary in strength and stiffness and are classified into eight Strength Groups. The stronger the timber the wider the permitted centre–to centre joist spacing.

HARDNESS: This is a measure of resistance to indentation and, for decks, resistance to wear. The Janka scale measures hardness. For decks, harder is better.

PROFILES AND SIZES :Reeded or smooth. Install reeded side down so as to provide ventilation over joist and extended deck life. Sizes 70 x 19, 70 x 22, 70 x 35, 90 x 19, 90 x 22 and 90×35, 140 x 19 ,140×22,140×35.